Wrinkles Is More With Milk-Bone

This post was sponsored by Milk-Bone® as part of a Two-Post Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I’ve been a dog person since I was a little girl (I think I got it from my mom).  They are so lovable, playful and just all around good company! Wrinkles has been so much more than just a pet to me; he’s like my second baby. Before Eleanor, Wrinkles taught me how to care for another living being, pay attention to unspoken language, and be empathetic and understanding. Wrinkles was like my trial run at being a mom and now he loves having a little sister in Eleanor. Seeing how much they love each other even now that she is still so tiny just warms my heart. It is amazing the impact having a dog can have on your daily happiness; it’s so hard to be sad with a smiling puppy that is so excited that you just exist wagging their tail right in front of you. I can’t imagine our lives without Wrinkles; he just gives us so much more love than we could ever imagine!

I loved making this adorable gif of my little buddy with the Milk-Bone Gifmaker! Wrinkles is always so active and excited to show affection. The gif I made shows him sitting in “his chair” giving my assistant Liyah lots of kisses. You can see it here!


We recently rearranged the office and began using a chair that typically stayed in the corner that he had decided was his own, so when she sat down he thought she was coming to cuddle with him and who could turn down a face like that!? You can make your own here: https://www.milkbone.com/gifmaker. It was quick, easy and so much fun! To give more to your furry friend check out https://www.milkbone.com for delicious treats that will show your pup how you appreciate how much more they bring to your life!


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