How To Survive Family Photos

Family photos bring out the worst in everyone, including me. They are so stressful. There are only so many times that you get the opportunity to get your whole family together so you want everything to be perfect. I’ve come up with a few ways to make family photos a little easier for everyone involved.

If you ask me, one of the most important things is coordinating everyone’s outfits. Getting 8 adults, a baby and 2 dogs to match, shouldn’t be too hard, right? I wish! What I’ve found to be the best option is to pick a color scheme of 3 colors and let everyone pick their own outfit. Something they are comfortable in and that they like. If you are forcing them to wear it, they might look uncomfortable in the photos and no one wants that. I have everyone send me photos of their outfits to be approved ahead of time. When choosing your color scheme, think about the season and what will be in the background of your photo. Make sure the colors won’t clash or blend in too much. I got Brandon and me’s outfits from Express. Click HERE for Eleanor’s bunting!

Next on the list is planning a location and booking a photographer. Make sure you take weather, travel time, and time of day into consideration. Will it be too bright for outdoor photos at 10 am in December? Probably not. In July at 2 pm? Definitely. Some photographers will have suggestions of their favorite places if you don’t have one already picked, but be sure to plan this ahead of time. Most photographers book weeks in advance. We found an outdoor space with beautiful scenery for our photos. Another thing to consider when picking a location is ease of access. Is there anyone in your family that has health issues that might limit where you can shoot at? Make sure you choose a place that has a place to park nearby just in case. We did our photoshoot at Everal Barn. It is so gorgeous! I want to go back again in the spring and fall!!

Family photos are worthless if the kids are grumpy or not looking at the camera. I’ve come up with a foolproof way to help with that! For infants, bubbles are amazing! Ask your photographer to bring an assistant or have a friend come help out and blow bubbles standing behind the photographer. It works wonders I tell you! For toddlers and younger kids, a treasure chest full of little goodies for them to pick from if they have good behavior is so helpful! Let them see what they have to choose from before the photos and bring the treasure chest with you to the photo shoot. As soon as they are done, they get to pick out their prize! I love Five Below or the Target dollar section for these items. Now for the teenagers who have a terrible attitude or are “too cool” to smile, waving around dollar bills is a good option! Ha! They’ll either be excited about the money or they’ll be hysterically laughing at you! Either way, it works!

Good luck to those of you taking family photos this season! Let me know if these tricks work for you!


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