Staycation At Hotel LeVeque Columbus

Is it just my husband, or are men the hardest to shop for? In the past, I have usually surprised Brandon with a vacation but this year things are a lot different now that we have Eleanor. We knew that we didn’t want to take her on a long flight, nor did we want to leave her for a long time. So we found the best of both worlds and planned a weekend staycation here in Columbus! This allowed us to stay close to Eleanor and not have to leave her for an extended period of time just to escape from the hustle of everyday life back home.

We started off our weekend on Friday by both working a half day. This allowed to me work on any last minute projects and declutter my inbox before heading out! At 3pm, Brandon and I loaded up the car, kissed sweet Eleanor goodbye and headed downtown to Hotel LeVeque. When I was planning our staycation, I knew that I wanted to stay at Hotel LeVeque because it is seriously gorgeous and the rooms are dreamy. We stayed in a King room and the shower was literally as big my closet back at home! After checking into our hotel, we rested for a bit then headed to the Short North Arts District for dinner and a bit of shopping. We grabbed dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, North Star Cafe, and I chowed down on the Buddha Bowl. Once we wrapped up our meal, we walked around for a bit and popped into some our favorite boutiques to pick up some things we didn’t need! 😉

Most of you probably have no idea, but Brandon and I are total grandparents and we never stay up late. On a normal day, we are in bed by 9:00 pm. I wish I could tell you all that on this staycation B and I were party animals and up all night but in reality, we stuck to our norm and were back at Hotel LeVeque by 8:30 and ready for bed! We ended up playing cards in bed while listening to music until around 10 o’clock. Also, side note, why are hotel beds SO much more comfy than regular ones? The bed at Hotel LeVeque had the most beautiful headboard I have ever seen and I seriously couldn’t get over the gold accent mirror that was above.

Saturday morning we woke up, ordered yummy room service and then headed downstairs to the lobby. This hotel must have known that I was coming to stay because in the lobby they have a freaking Starbucks. I was seriously in heaven. After ordering my standard, aka a grande vanilla latte with two shots of caramel, we chatted with the friendliest valet while we waited for our car to be pulled around. Side note number two, if you don’t tip your bellman or your valet you need to reconsider! 😉

After our convo with the valet, we hopped in the car and headed to our favorite local spa for a relaxing morning. You can see pictures HERE, and seriously how stinking hot is my husband?! Talk about heart eye emoji, am I right?! Haha, okay enough about that. Brandon ended up getting a clarifying facial and I received an upper body massage. Afterwards, we had the spa all to ourselves for about 2 hours. Brandon relaxed on the heated stone chaise and I soaked all my worries away in the tub!

The Spa was also located in the Short North Arts District so after our sessions ended we walked to grab brunch at a local restaurant called LEVEL. While at LEVEL we ate pancakes and bacon and talked about how much we missed our sweet Eleanor. Fast forward a few hours to where Brandon and I grabbed dinner at Milestone 229 before heading to the Ohio Theatre for a showing of The Waitress which was AMAZING! This will probably come as a surprise to most of you, but Brandon really thinks he belongs in a Broadway musical. At least twice a week he will be dancing and singing around our house and after we saw The Waitress it took things to a whole new level. He seriously left the show singing and dancing down the streets of Columbus. I am pretty sure that everyone who saw us thought we were completely wasted but in fact, my husband was just filled with the musical spirit! I was equally as thrilled because it was one of the best shows I have ever seen! The lead singer, Desi Oakley, was phenomenal and you can check out her Instagram account HERE.

Sunday morning was our last day, which made us sad, but we were also so incredibly excited to get back home to squeeze our baby girl and Wrinkles! We ordered room service, took a few selfies and then headed to check out. Overall, this staycation was exactly what we needed to take a break and refresh. We couldn’t be any more impressed with the Hotel LeVeque and the staff and we honestly wished we lived there! I can’t wait to book our next staycation in the future!



  1. December 9, 2017 / 4:07 pm

    This is so cute! I definitely need one of these weekends!

    • December 14, 2017 / 2:49 pm

      thanks love! Hope you’re having a lovely day! Xo

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