My CycleBar Experience

I’m not gonna lie, getting back to this whole working out thing is such a daunting task. Although I do love shopping for new workout gear like these leggings and my go to sports bra, I didn’t realize how lucky I was before I had Eleanor. I was simply maintaining a healthy lifestyle but now that I have some baby weight to lose, it is a whole different ball game… I’ve tried the whole personal trainer thing but it just wasn’t for me. That’s when I stumbled upon CycleBar.

Brandon and I had our first ride recently, and wow, it was so hard but seriously so much fun. It totally kicked our butts! I think Brandon thought it was some girly little bike ride thing, and he was not prepared for how much of a full body workout it really is! Listen to what he had to say about it HERE. I will say that I am super grateful for the very dark room and loud music so no one can see me sweating or taking a break and no one can hear me whining about how much my legs hurt! The teacher was phenomenal, the staff was super friendly and we can’t wait to go back. They have all sorts of different themed rides on different days of the week too. There is even a Live DJ ride! How awesome is that?!? I’m taking Brandon to that one ASAP!! Also, your first ride is free so it really doesn’t hurt to give it a try!

When you walk in, you sign in on the iPad, and you have an assigned cubby that they already have your riding shoes in. (Does it get any easier than that?) They provide water, snacks, and towels. Not to mention they have showers in case you need to clean up or run to a date afterward! 😉

Another awesome thing I love about CycleBar is that it’s an international company and they are located all over the world so you can find one anywhere! It makes it so easy for me when I’m traveling to New York or LA for work. I just have to schedule a quick ride when I need to get a workout in. So easy and I know I’ll be getting a good, fun workout in rather than just going to the nearest gym.

Have you guys tried a CycleBar class yet? If you haven’t, you totally need to because you’ll have a blast while doing something great for your health!


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