How I Stay Organized

Being a new mom, a business owner, and an influencer can have its challenges. The biggest one is staying organized, on top of my schedule and prioritizing all of my daily tasks, it can feel like a fulltime job just keeping my calendar updated! I definitely don’t have it all figured out yet, let’s be real, I showed up for Eleanor’s 4 Month checkup today and thought I showed up on the wrong day! (Luckily it was right though!!) Here are a few things I’ve learned along the way to help me stay organized and a few tools I use every single day.

Planner – I can not live without a paper planner. I like being able to write things down and have them in front of me without having to constantly open up my phone. I am kind of picky about the layout of my planner but a go-to favorite of mine is the Emily Ley Simplified Planner. The layout is perfect for what I need. I always have a cute pen on hand. These ones are my favorite because they write so smooth! I love them!

File System – I am a strong believer that everything should have a place. That way when you need it, you know just where to find it. I have some stylish folders that I use for filing receipts, bills, bookkeeping, etc. I have them all in a place that is easily accessible so I am never having to dig for them.

Calendars – I have a huge Editorial Calendar in my office. I am forced to look at it every day to keep me on track for deadlines and content. It is a lifesaver. I also use the Planner Pro App. It lets me share my calendar, create tasks with deadlines, have multiple calendars, and create notes inside the app too. It is by far the best app I’ve found.

What are some ways that help you guys stay organized? I am always looking to get new ideas or improve!


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