Where do you live? My hubby and I live just outside of Columbus, Ohio!


What kind of camera do you use? Who takes your photos? Brandon usually takes all of my photos on a Nikon D810, but during the busier seasons of life I work with various photographers!


How tall are you and your husband? I am 5’1 and Brandon is 6’2 🙂


What’s your fitness routine? I wish I had one! I don’t splurge but I also don’t restrict myself from eating the foods I love! I think moderation is key. When I do have time I love to hit the gym and run on the elliptical or go to a yoga class!


Where do you get your inspiration? I find so much inspiration from Instagram! Seeing other people and how they style pieces in their everyday lives gives me so many cool ideas! I also find tons on inspiration through celebrities! I love recreating their looks at a price point that is more accessible for the average girl!