Casual Yet Chic Thanksgiving Outfit Tips

We all face the Thanksgiving outfit dilemma. Do you wear a statement to be discussed for all Thanksgivings to come, or the sweatpants with the drawstrings to make room for seconds (thirds)? I have a few tips on how to put together an outfit that will turn heads without leaving you reaching for the shapewear. These my top 10 tips and tricks for a Thanksgiving outfit sure to please your family and your growing waistline!

  1. Add a killer pair of heels! Let’s be honest, we all feel more fabulous in heels. They can dress up pretty much any outfit (and you can always take them off once you get in the house which is a huge plus for me).
  2. Go for dark wash denim. Dark wash is the most flattering and if you find a pair that fits just right they will compliment any top!
  3. When in doubt, throw your hair into a chic top knot and pair it with a statement burgundy lip.
  4. Be tasteful with your accessories. When it come to Thanksgiving I like to stick with either 1-2 great statement pieces (like a belt, earrings or a necklace) or a few dainty pieces (light layered necklaces, stacked thin bracelets). You don’t want to be too overwhelming to the eye!
  5. Attention to detail is important whether it’s cuffing your jeans or making sure there is a fresh coat of polish on your fingers and toes. The little things are what bring the whole look together.
  6. Play with trends! Do a fun bell sleeve or embroidered jacket to elevate a simple outfit.
  7. Texture can raise the fun factor for any look! Try crushed velvet as a way to add luxury.
  8. Try black! Come on, we all know black is the most slimming color and on Thanksgiving we can use all the help we can get.
  9. Layers are a must. It’s so hard to know what the temperature is going to be like in someone else’s home (if you aren’t hosting) and especially if you’re travelling it’s always a good idea to wear layers you can add or remove as needed.
  10. Bring back up! There is always the possibility of a spill, or maybe your cousin will want to relive whooping you gave them in the Just Dance battle from last year so you should always be prepared with a cute cozy outfit like a pair of leggings and a long tunic with boots for a more relaxed feel.

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