4 Months With Eleanor

  1. Screams & Squeals – So one of my favorite things is that Eleanor has recently started playing with her sounds more than ever. Any chance that she gets she will scream at the top of her lungs then giggle. It is so adorable… Except for when we are in public and she starts screaming because everyone thinks something is wrong. Lol, but no. She honestly just screams when she is happy! Haha
  2. Weight & Height – I actually just got home from Eleanor’s appointment a few minute ago and she weighs, 14 pounds 0 ounces and she is 25 inches tall! She is in the 67th percentile for her height. Clearly, she gets that from her daddy! 😉
  3. Switching Formula – About three weeks ago we noticed that Eleanor was having some trouble digesting her formula. We suspect that this is due to the development of a milk sensitivity, so we made the decision to switch her to a soy formula. After doing a lot of research THIS is the formula that we have her on now and she seems to be doing a lot better!
  4. Clothing – Right now, Eleanor is wearing the size 6 month. We love THESE sleepers and I just ordered her these long sleeve onesies for her to wear for when she is just playing around at home. Also, with her in the full swing of teething, she is drooling like it’s nobody’s business. I usually keep one of THESE bibs on her at all time just so she doesn’t soak her clothes.
  5. Eleanor’s First Christmas – To be honest, I had a rough Christmas this year. I had a lot of family in town and I thought I could handle all of the festivities but in all actually… I panicked. So Brandon and I decided to have a chill Christmas with Eleanor. After opening presents with my family & in-laws first thing in the morning, we headed back home and spent the day in bed watching Keeping Up With The Kardashian reruns while eating junk and cuddling. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. During that whole Christmas weekend, I lived in THESE pajamas and THESE slippers which are seriously TO. DIE. FOR!!
  6. Toys – Over this last month, Eleanor has really gotten into playing with new toys. She still loves THIS kick gym but now she is obsessed with THIS ball and THIS toy that lights up and plays music. It is so fun to see her playing and enjoying herself. I kind of went a little overboard for Christmas and got her a ton of toys, but hey, I’m her mom! It’s kind of my job to spoil her! 🙂

I hope you enjoyed reading a little bit about how our sweet Eleanor is doing. These posts are truly my favorite posts to write every month and I love being able to share my daughter and my motherhood journey with you! Have a lovely new year!


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