3 Months With Eleanor & The Beaufort Bonnet Co

I promise you that it feels like it was just yesterday that I was writing Eleanor’s Two Month post and now here I am writing another one! Ms. Eleanor is 3 months old and I am crying just thinking about how fast she is growing up. I am trying so hard to soak up every little moment with my sweet little angel because I know that before I realize she will be an adult!

Anyways, enough of my sob story, let me tell you all how Eleanor has grown and changed these past four weeks!

  1. Smiles & Giggles – I said in my last post that she had found her smile and it was the cutest thing. Well, I am so blessed to have one happy girl because all she does is smile and giggle! As you can see in the pictures above, she adores being in front of the camera and will smile for anyone who will smile back. I also think it is so darling when she laughs. I wonder what she thinks about in her little head because there are times when she will be in THIS kick gym and will laugh and laugh!
  2. Clothing – So she is still wearing size 3 months, but I think she only has maybe 2 more weeks of this size. She no longer fits 3 month sleepers because she is too long and isn’t able to stretch out her little legs but they fit her body! She is currently going through a growth spurt (more about that in a bit) and I’m excited for her to move up to the next size because there are so many cute pieces, I am dying for her to wear. Speaking of clothes, right now our favorite place to shop is The Beaufort Bonnet Co. If you have a little one, you need to check them out because their pieces are so darling. I love that I am able to find really unique pieces on their site that are perfect for all the pictures I take of Eleanor. Right now, they have tons of cute holiday sets out. I actually just bought her a holiday dress and I know you are all going to die once you see it!
  3. Growth Spurt – Like I mentioned before, Eleanor is currently in a major growth spurt! It seriously feels like she grows a size overnight! My mini is starting to get so big!
  4. Feeding – Eleanor is still too young for solids but she is one REALLY hungry baby. We still are formula feeding THIS formula and she seems to do really well with it. I used to use THESE bottles but Eleanor ended up liking THESE more and I didn’t care because they are super inexpensive and so easy to clean! Brandon and I are planning on starting to slowly introduce her to foods around Christmas time. Fingers crossed it goes over well!
  5. Doctors Appointment – Eleanor had her two-month appointment a little late but it went over well. At her appointment, she weighed 11 pounds and 5 ounces! I was shocked that she had gained so much weight! She is still a little short but maybe this growth spurt will change that! 😉 She also got her first round of vaccines at the doctor and she hardly even cried. I was so proud of her! Her next appointment won’t be until she is 4 months old! So we still have a little while before we get an updated weight!
  6. Sleeping Habits – Ugh, baby sleep is so tough. I swear right as she gets into a routine, something happens and messes it all up. She used to sleep soundly through the night, but the past week she has been so hungry that she is now waking up about 3 times a night to feed. She is pretty good and will usually fall right back to sleep once she is done eating but it is still rough for me. Let’s just say that this momma is tired! On a happier note, we let her cry it out for 2 nights which was so hard but also so worth it. She only cried for 30 minutes the first night then less than 5 minutes the second night. And now she is a pro at putting herself to sleep. We start her bedtime routine at 7 pm every night and by 7:45 we lay her in her bassinet and kiss her goodnight. We leave the room and she usually has herself to sleep within 10 minutes. During that 10 minutes, she is away she is usually just babbling and kicking her legs! We have been loving putting her in THESE at night. They keep her warm and are safe!

3 months down, forever to go! Hope you all have a lovely Thanksgiving!


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